Joe Taylor (1944–)




Facsimile Fonts


A, C, C, D, D, E, E, F, F, G, J, K, L, P, S, S, S, V, V, X
a, c, c, c, e, e, f, f, g, g, h, i, j, k, p, q, r, s, t, v, x, y, 6, 8, 9, 0, &, &



Facsimile Fototype: Light / Medium / Fat / Bold / Black
モンセン欧文書体大字典: Bold / Heavy / Black

本来は Bold と Balck のみか?

Heavy と Bold は微妙に太さが異なるだけ。

Blippo と Harry は同じ書体?

Blippo と Burko は同じ書体?

David L. Burke による Burko (1968) をベースにデザインされたようである。 以下、ジョー・タイラーによる Facebook でも投稿 から引用。

TYPE FONTS: 1968, Ft. Gordon, Georgia: All my soldier buddies were dutifully raking up leaves in the forest we had been taken to. "This is ridiculous!" I muttered. The place was nothing BUT leaves! So, the forces of nature having taken its toll on a formerly upright tree - now prone - was a good place to sit down and work on my new type font which bore the name of my childhood occupation, "Joe Taylor Farmhand." Uncle Sam eventually decided they needed type font designers less than leaf rakers and asked me to leave my military quarters. On to New Yawk City. Mr. Ed Rondthaler, the head of Merganthaler Press told me that his staff agreed that my type face was the "wildest they had ever seen, but it was well-designed." And they were going to publish it. On to Hollywood, CA. 1970: I suggested to my boss at Agency Alphabets that they should do a fat version of Burko Bold. "Ok, you have 7 days to design it." So I did and rendered 141 characters including foreign letter forms. Bob Trogman, my boss, blew it up to 12 inches on a viewing screen and exclaimed. "It's perfect! Bob named it BLIPPO BLACK. It was later named PUMP and on most computers today it is BAUHAUS. So any time I see it used in ads or CD covers, I collect a copy. Tonight I ran across a singer named Buble' using Blippo (Bauhaus) and "Storks" an ad for saving babies where some other artist had hand-drawn their version of one of my less famous faces. What goes around, comes around.


Poppo Mod = Blippo Modern = Bubble

Burko Circle. A RyderTypes ad in U&lc Vol. 2-4 from 1975 additionally lists a Burko Bold No. 2 and a Burko Caduce.

U&lc Vol. 2-4

David Bowie – Low

David Bowie – Low, 1977

The Coca-Cola Company Mr. PIBB

The Coca-Cola Company – Mr. PIBB