Handel Gothic

Handel Gothic


Continental Airlines


Robert Trogman (1928–)




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「ハンデルゴシック」は、「コンチネンタル航空のフォントをつくってほしい」というドン・ハンデルの依頼でボブ・トログマンがデザインした。 当時、ふたりはソール・バスのデザインスタジオで働いていた。
以下、Robert Trogman のブログより抜粋。

The story behind Handel Gothic is interesting and has a twist in the final result. About 35 years ago I was working with the Saul Bass (1920–1996) design studio and there was a graphic designer by the name of Don Handel. He knew that I was making fonts and he asked me to do the font for the “new” Continental Airlines logo. It wasn’t too long after that the Visual Graphics Corp. had a font design contest and Don submitted the Continental Gothic, but with a lowercase. A committee of experts rejected the design, and I became the heir to the original art. I made the first fonts and then a division of Xerox requested a lightweight version of the now famous Handel Gothic; hence, Handel Gothic Light.
Handel Gothic is probably the most pirated font family ever to be put on a computer. I have never received any royalties or even recognition for the introduction to the public.


United Airlines logo by Saul Bass, 1974

Continental Airlines logo by Saul Bass, 1968

update: Mar. 5, 2019