Pabst Extra Bold by Chauncey H. Griffith for Mergenthaler Linotype in 1928

Pabst Old Style by Frederic W. Goudy for Lanston Monotype in 1902


Pacifica by Lettergraphics in ca 1968

Packard by Oswald Bruce Cooper, Morris Fuller Benton for ATF

Paddington by Freda Sack for Letraset in 1977

Paganini by Alessandro Butti for Nebiolo in 1928

Pagli Roman by Andrew Paglinawan in 2008

Painter's Roman by William H. Page, Darius Wells for William H. Page & Co. in 1870

Palace Script by Stephenson Blake in 1923

Palana by Alan Withers for Letraset in 1980


Palatino by Hermann Zapf for Stempel in 1986

Palazzo by Claude Mediavilla for Mecanorma in 1985

Palisade Graphics

Pamela by Julius Herriet Jr. for Bruce Type Foundry in 1872

Pampam by Albert Boton for Hollenstein in 1974



Paperclip by Ad Werner in 1974

Paper Clip by Yutaka Satoh for VGC in 1982

Paprika = Tabascco

Parfait Script by Maximiliano Sproviero for Lián Types in 2009-2010

Parfumerie Script by Sabrina Mariela Lopez for Typesenses in 2009-2011


Parisian by Morris Fuller Benton for ATF in 1928

Park Avenue by Robert E. Smith for ATF in 1933

Parker Plump

Parquet by Lettergraphics International Inc. ?

Parsons by Will Ransom for Barnhart Bros & Spindler in 1918

Pascal by José Mendoza for Deberny & Peignot in 1943

Pastel by Barnhart Bros. & Spindler


MGB Patrician by Don Munson for Letraset in 1980

Patriot as Line Chromatic French Clarendon Ornamented


Pea by Corey Holms in 2005

Peignot by A.M. Cassandre for Deberny & Peignot in 1937

Pekin by Ernst Lauschke for Barnhart Bros. & Spindler in 1888


Pen Flair

Pencraft Old Style by Sidney Clyde Gaunt for Barnhart Bros. & Spindler in 19014

Penelope by H. H. Thorp for Cleveland Type Foundry in 1884

Penny Bee

Penny Farthing by Bob Newman for Letraset in 1974

Perla by Gareth Hague in 2002

Permanent by Karlgeorg Hoefer for Ludwig & Mayer in 1962

Perpetua by Eric Gill for Monotype in 1928

Phanitalian by William Hamilton Page for William H. Page & Co. in 1879

Pharaon by Albert Boton for Hollenstein in 1971

Phenix by Morris Fuller Benton for ATF in 1935

Phidian by Franklin Type Foundry in 1897

Phyllis by Heinrich Wieynck for Bauer in 1904–1911

Piccadilly by Christopher Mathews for Letraset in 1973


Pierrot by Günter Jäntsch for Berthold in 1973

Pigalle by Max J. Gradl in 1903

Pin Ball by Alan Dempsey for Dempsey in 1968

Pinocchio by Gustav Jäger for Berthold in 1973

Pinto Inline by Roy Sprong for Graphic Systems in ca. 1973

Pinto Flare by Franklin Photolettering in 1970s

Pionner by Tom Carnase, Ronne Bonder for ITC in 1970

Pipeline by Michael Chave for Face Photosetting in 1970


Pistilli Roman by Herb Lubalin, John Pistilli for VGC in 1964

Placard by Monotype in 1937

Planewalker by Neale and Shayna Davidson for Pixel Sagas

Plantin by Frank Hinman Pierpont for Monotype in 1913

Plastica by Berthold in 1929

Plate Gothic by Barnhart Bros. & Spindler

Playbill by Robert Harling in 1938

Plaza by Alan Meeks for Letraset in 1975

Plymouth by Richard William Mueller for Barnhart Bros & Spindler in 1900


Plumpy by Michel Jarland for Mecanorma in 1972

Pluto by Face Photosetting

Poell by Erwin Poell for Berthold in 1972

Poetica Roman by Robert Slimbach in 1992

Pointille by Albert Hollenstein for VGC in 1975

Polonaise by George Brian, Phil Martin for Alphabet Innovations in 1977

Polymer by Ellmer Stefan for The Pyte Foundry

Ponderosa by Kim Buker Chansler for Adobe in 1990

Poor Richard by Keystone Type Foundry in ca. 1919

Poppl Exquisit by Friedrich Poppl for Berthold in 1970

Poppl Residenz by Friedrich Poppl for Berthold in 1977

Porcelain by Eduardo Recife for Misprinted Type in 2005

Post Monotone by ATF in 1903

Post Oldstyle by ATF in 1900


Poster Gothic by Morris Fuller Benton for ATF in 1934

Pousse Cafe by Photo-Lettering Inc. for Robert Montgomery


Prada Candy Typeface by Gareth Hague

Premier by Colin Brignall for Letraset in 1969

Precis by Arthur L. Rawn for VGC in 1972

Pretoria by P. M. Shanks & Sons in ca. 1900

Priam by Jean Alessandrini for Hollenstein

Primadonna by Helmut Matheis for Ludwig & Mayer in 1956


Primitive by Richard William Mueller for Farmer, Little & Co. in 1887

Primus as Sphinx


Prion by Jacques Loison for Mecanorma in 1972

Prisma by Rudolf Koch for Klingspor in 1927–29

Prismania by Ed Benguiat for Photo-Lettering Inc. in 1960s

Prismatic by Ed Benguiat for Photo-Lettering Inc.

Profil by Eugen Lenz, Max Lenz for Haas in 1945


Promotor by Leonard Smit for Amsterdam Type Foundry in 1960

Publicity Gothic by Sidney Gaunt for Barnhart Bros & Spindler in 1916

Puff Wind by François Lasgi for Mecanorma in 1972

Puma as Pinto

Pump by Bob Newman for Letraset in 1970


Putty by A. E. Lyne (Andrew Lyne) for Mecanorma in 1971?